Monday, December 25, 2006

Smithsonian sculptures 1

Alexander Archipenko
The Gondolier

Eros, Inside Eros

Jean Arp
Evocation of a Form: Human, Lunar, Spectral

Saul Baizerman
The Miner

Emile-Antoine Bourdelle
The Great Warrior of Montauban

Alexander Calder
Six Dots over a Mountain

Willem de Kooning

Willem de Koonig
Seated Woman on a Bench

Alberto Giacometti
Monumental Head

Dimitri Hadzi
Helmet V

Gaston Lachaise
Standing Woman

Aristide Maillol
Nymph (Central Figure for 'The Three Nymphs')

Giacomo Manzu
Self-Portrait with Model at Bergamo

Giacomo Manzu
Young Girl on a Chair

Marino Marini
Hoprse and Rider

Henry Moore
Draped Reclining Figure

Henry Moore
King and Queen

Henry Moore
Seated Woman

Henry Moore
Three-Piece Reclining Figure No 2: Bridge Prop

Henry Moore
Working Model for 'Three-Way Piece No 3: Vertebrae'

Reuben Nakian
Goddess of the Golden Thighs

Arnaldo Pomodoro
Sphere No 6

Auguste Rodin
The Burghers of Calais

Auguste Rodin
Crouching Woman

Auguste Rodin
Monument to Balzac

Auguste Rodin
Walking Man

Julie Shea

David Smith
Agricola I

David Smith
Cubi XII

David Smith
Voltri XV

Francisco Zuniga
Seated Yucatan Woman

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Smithsonian sculptures 2

Hirshhorn Museum
Information sign

Henry Moore
Upright Motive No. 1: Glenkiln Cross

Henry Moore
Two-Piece Reclining Figure: Points

Barbara Hepworth
Figure for Landscape

Jacques Lipchitz

Joan Miro
Lunar Bird

Cesar's Thumb

Pablo Picasso
Pregnant Woman (First State)

Fritz Wotruba
Figure with Raised Arms

Richard Hunt
Large Hybrid

Dimitri Hadzi
Helmet V

David Smith
Agricola I

David Smith
Voltri XV

Judith Shea

Jeff Koons

Mark di Suvero
Are Years What? (for Marianne Moore)

Alexander Calder
Sky Hooks

Ellsworth Kelly

Anthony Caro
Monsoon Drift

Lucio Fontana
Spatial Concept: Nature

Tony Cragg

Juan Munoz
Last Conversation Piece

Kenneth Snelson
Needle Tower

Tony Smith

Barry Flanagan
The Drummer

Claes Oldenburg
Geometric Mouse: Variation I, Scale A

Roy Lichtenstein